What to expect

Good to know…

  • We prioritise strong communication with your GP and consultants to ensure you receive the right care for your condition
  • Continuity is important to all of us and you will see the same physiotherapist throughout your treatment
  • Our local facilities and equipment are maintained to a high standard to support service excellence
  • Bridgeview Clinic has wheelchair access (can be reserved on request)
  • Parking is available on site, with additional free parking within a three minute walk
  • We offer flexible appointment times (early morning, evenings and weekends)

Accurate assessment is the key to correct diagnosis and to effective treatment and resolution of symptoms.

Hands on Care

All our Physiotherapists believe in the benefit of manual techniques, and we incorporate electrotherapy equipment, such as ultrasound, as appropriate.

Continuity of Care

We recognise the value of continuity of care and endeavour to ensure that you work with the same physiotherapist throughout your treatment.


  • Initial assessment and diagnosis

Together, we discuss how the injury or pain has developed and we provide you with a comprehensive diagnosis.  Our approach is holistic, as we assess contributing factors such as general health, fitness, stress, repetitive strains and lifestyle.

  • Your treatment

During your personal treatment and exercise programme, we support your rehabilitation towards full function by drawing on a variety of techniques (hands-on mobilisations, massage, electrotherapy or acupuncture) as appropriate.

  • Getting you back on track

The type of treatment and length of rehabilitation varies for each condition or injury. Using our knowledge and experience, we are able to select the most effective techniques and care to progress your recovery safely.  All our clients receive continued practical advice on preventing future strain or injury within their particular sport, home or work environments.